Block Management

Block Management

Effective Block Management

If appointed, we will be responsible for the maintenance of the main structure of the building, for example roof and external walls, and also the general upkeep of the estate.

Certain areas of the property are likely to be shared by all residents, for example

Hallways, stairways, gardens. Someone has to be responsible for the proper upkeep of these areas! We will follow the terms of your Lease in relation to your property which will normally specify that these functions are the duty of the Freeholder/Management Company.

(The costs of such repairs and maintenance are the responsibility of the individual

Leaseholders in the proportions detailed in your lease, in Leasehold properties.)

It is likely that your Lease stipulates that the roof, foundations, and exterior of your property together with the common parts must be maintained and decorated at regular intervals. A property benefits from regular maintenance because:

  • It is more pleasant and comfortable to live in
  • If the building is well maintained an individual property will generally sustain its value, and in some cases improve in value.
  • Regular preventative maintenance will usually limit serious deterioration to the fabric of the building.

Our exact duties will vary in accordance with the individual leases and the properties themselves but will normally involve:

  • Arranging for repairs and renewals as they fall due
  • Arranging for the cleaning and lighting of communal areas
  • Arranging for gardening of the communal grounds
  • Arranging for maintenance of intercom systems and lifts (where appropriate)
  • Arranging for internal and external redecoration of the common areas, as they fall due.
  • Budget for Service Charge and Ground Rents
  • Send out Service Charge and Ground Rent demands
  • Collection of Service Charge and Ground Rent
  • Plan for reserve fund where necessary
  • Complete accounts
  • Arrange development website whereby Leaseholders can raise issues, be kept updated on outstanding issues, view there service charge and ground rent accounts as well as make payment online and view service charge budgets and inspection reports.
  • Arranging of insurance in line with the lease agreement
  • Carry out three monthly inspections on the communal areas provide all Freeholders and Leaseholders with detailed report to include photographs.

To assist us with the above, we have a bespoke contractors list who have been long standing supplier for us and are highly experience within their fields. We hold copies of all of our contractors Public Liability Insurance and ensure that they work within the health and safety regulations.

Our cleaners ensure that they take extra precaution when cleaning communal areas and use professional equipment to avoid instances where loose wires will be exposed from hoover etc. Our cleaners also ensure that any light bulbs etc are either reported or replaced immediately avoiding any inconvenience to the leaseholders.

Our Building Contractors are experienced in the trade since 1973 and have extensive experience in block management repair and redecoration as they also work for other major block management companies. We will always send detailed reports with photographs before and after works are complete.

Whilst we will make regular inspections of the property, we are unable to be present at all times. If some item of maintenance should become apparent to you, please contact us and we will arrange for it to be dealt with. Please, however, bear in mind that for minor items where there is no risk to the fabric of the property, it may be advisable to let these accumulate until there are a number of repairs which can justify the costs of a visit by a contractor.

We offer a 24hr emergency contact number and will deal with emergencies as quickly as possible, other repairs being dealt with as soon as it is practical to do so. Wherever possible we will instruct a local contractor to undertake any necessary works.

In the event that estimates and quotations are required for either repair or improvement works, we will try and obtain firm quotations from various contractors. However, sometimes it may not be possible for the contractor to exactly specify the full extent of the works, in advance. In such circumstances we will obtain an estimate and will advise you that the actual cost may vary depending upon the actual work necessary.

We will maintain records of all payments and receipts in relation to the property, and also deal with any Leaseholder / Residents’ Association queries.

As to abide with current legislation we will maintain a separate Bank Account from our own trading accounts to which service charges will be paid into. We will set up this account with our Bankers and it will be used to contain all monies relating to your property. All contributions from Leaseholders will be paid into this account and all expenditure that is undertaken on your behalf will be paid from this account.  All Bank charges in relation to the account will be payable from it. Equally, all interest that is earned by the account will be credited to it.

With regard to regular contributory maintenance payments that fall due, we will invoice you at least 7 days prior to the payment becoming due. It is important that payments are made promptly otherwise there may not be enough funds to pay for necessary expenses.

What fee will you charge?

Our fees are individually negotiated prior to a contract being signed and the terms of that contract will clearly state what the fees are.

Whatever the negotiated fee, we do not charge a percentage fee of any works which we may arrange on your behalf. All fees due to ourselves will be deducted from the Service Charge Account on a monthly basis, in advance (i.e. 1st of the month in which they fall due) at date can be agreed when liaising the contract. We do not charge an annual “up front” fee, nor do we charge an “end of year” top up fee.

In the event that you should wish to cease the Agreement between us, it will be terminable by one month’s notice on behalf of the Leaseholders/Residents’ Association, and by three months notice on our own part. We hope that this guide has given you some information on the Management provided by our Company. We will do our best to provide you with a good service at an economical cost. We will also endeavour to co-operate and liase with Leaseholders/Residents’ Associations to the best of our ability.

Special Note: Should you wish to meet with the Directors of Brink Riley Ltd to have an open & informal discussion about how we might be able to help you, then please contact us at our Head Office. We can arrange a mutually convenient time & date. – We are happy to travel to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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