Block Management Service

Our dedicated Estates Team deal with the management of Freehold and Leasehold Blocks to include Student Accommodation and Serviced Apartment Blocks throughout the UK.

We charge a one-off annual fee to provide the following services:

  •  Internal and External Cleaning
  •  Gardening and Landscape Maintenance
  •  Waste and Recycle Management
  •  Re-decoration
  •  Major Repairs including Section 20 notices
  •  Health and Safety Assessments
  •  Fire Risk Assessments
  •  Communal Utilities
  •  Caretaker Services
  •  Routine and Scheduled Maintenance
  •  Collection of Service Charges
  •  Collection of Ground Rent Service Charge
  •  Budgeting Preparation of Accounts
  •  Liaising with Lessees and all Parties Involved
  •  Sinking Fund Analysis
  •  Skilled Porters
  •  Window Cleaners
  •  24 Hour Emergency Helpline

Our service includes weekly sites visits by the specified trained and qualified individuals to:

  • Emergency Lighting Testing
  • Fire Alarm Testing Lift
  • Maintenance Servicing of Water Pumps
  • Servicing of Smoke Vents
  • Testing of Electrics
  • Servicing of Vehicle and Pedestrian Gates


All our services are provided with a 24 hour out of hours security.

Budgeting & Accounts

Service Charges

We create a detailed budget of the Service Charges due which are sent to all Lessees along with the invoice based on their percentage due. We collect all service charges when due which is then used to maintain the block in line with the lease and legislation requirements.

This includes:

  • Upkeep and maintenance of communal areas to include ground and gardens
  • Communal utilities
  • Buildings Insurance
  • Sinking Fund – kept in separate account


We will invoice Leaseholders in accordance with the terms of lease ensuring the payment dates and terms are adhered to.

We will ensure that all payments are made from the services charges funds to cover any expenditure promptly and are recorded accordingly.

We have a legal department who will chase and assess arrears possible resulting in the matter being referred to our Legal Solicitors to commit and collect the arrears.

We run on a fair policy which is consulted within the arrears process and is carefully monitored.

Ground Rent

We invoice and collect Ground Rent payments in accordance with the lease.


Service Charge accounts are produced before each financial year and finalised accounts at the end of the year in accordance with the date’s states in the Lease terms and conditions. The Service Charge Accounts are audited independently by a Chartered Accountant for each Development.

New Developments

We can work closely with Developers at all stages, incorporating Refuse Collection and Car Parking to name but a few.

We have a bespoke handover system that will ensure a smooth handover to include:

  • Estimation of initial budgets
  • Liaising with solicitors
  • Providing comparable projected rentals and information for potential investors and buyers
  • Working with Sales Agents

Right to Manage

The Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 is legislation which provides the opportunity for the Leaseholders to manage the Development and appoint if necessary there own Management Company.

To do this a Right to Manage company will need to be formed, which can be done without the Landlords consent, they will, however, need to prove mismanagement by the landlord or the landlord’s agents and comply with the below:

  • Building must be self-contained or if part of another building be capable of being redeveloped individually
  • At least two-thirds of the apartment within the development must be let to qualifying tenant
  • The development can be part commercial however the commercial part must not exceed 25% of the total floor.
  • There must be over 50% of qualifying tenants opted to exercise the Right to Manage.

Please contact us should you wish any further advice The Right to Manage.