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Whilst landlords get a bad press, students can be viewed equally poorly!

They have a reputation of damaging and disrespecting rental property. Therefore, renting your property to students can sometimes be seen as a minefield.

However, most students make excellent tenants and if handled in the right way, letting a group of students can be a great idea. For example, as some landlords decide to steer clear of students as tenants, the demand can be higher.

Equally, unlike other tenants, the duration of the tenancy is more defined. Most students will live in a property for a year, minimum.

So, how do you attract students to your property? Here are our 5 top tips:


1. University Contact

If you’re looking to let your property to students looking for accommodation in their University town, consider contacting the University, direct.

Most students who live off-campus will be in at least their second year. Therefore, first year students in halls of residence will be seeking accommodation for the following year in their first few months.

As such, the University may well have physical and online forums where you may be able to advertise.


2. Location, Location, Location

Whether your property has a city centre location or one slightly further out, there will be benefits for students.

For example, if you’re renting a property in the city centre, the convenience of amenities is a great sell to students.

Most students will be using public transport and as such, will appreciate a central location. However, if your property is further out, the potential benefits of parking facilities for those with cars and greater personal security will be major factors.

Either way, making a list of shops, cafes and amenities of interest will promote your property.


3. Keep It Secure

Most students will be backed by those at home.

Appealing to both students and their parents alike is a good plan. For example, a massive area of concern for parents with student offspring away at University is security.

Therefore, ensuring the property is very secure is a major selling point to students. The security of each student’s individual room is key for themselves and their belongings.

Furthermore, the general security of the property is also critical.


4. Health and Safety Compliance

Alongside security, health and safety compliance is not only a legal responsibility, but a good selling point to students looking for accommodation.

For instance, placing a noticeboard in the general lobby area of your HMO is a great idea.

By displaying any relevant information and gas and electrical safety certificates in one place, it shows total compliance.

Additionally, providing carbon dioxide and smoke detectors will demonstrate you take health and safety very seriously. 


5. Convenience and Comfort

So, it’s well documented that students can be a little lazy.

Consequently, providing as many convenience factors as possible will make your property an attractive proposition.

Alongside the convenience of amenities in your area, making the property itself a great space to live will help enormously. For instance, allocating all rooms with desks and chairs suitable for working will be well received.

Equally, facilitating WIFI is also a sensible option. Similarly, providing equipment such as a washing machine, microwave and large fridge will help market your property too.

Additionally, including as much storage space as possible will make your property an attractive proposition for sure.


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