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Looking for a student house is an exciting activity, especially if it’s your first time outside the halls or your home.

Although that excitement is easy to get swept up in, it’s important to take a step back and consider all the important points on which you can calculate whether you have found the right place or not.

To help you get up to speed, we have covered all the important points in this helpful guide:


1. The People

Before signing up do ask yourself: Did I pick the right housemates?

Because once you’ve signed up, you’ll probably be stuck together for the duration of the tenancy.

Some of the things you can discuss with your possible housemates are:

  • Do they party a lot? If yes, they are not the right choice
  • Is cleanliness important to them? Some of them are too messy and don’t care about the cleanliness at all
  • Will they be responsible? Since the bills will be shared: it’s important to live with responsible tenants


2. The Property

Although there are many boxes to tick don’t forget that your stay in a student house should be an enjoyable experience for your student years.

Make sure that the place you are going to live in is good for studying, cooking, sleeping and relaxing.

Of Course, there will be sacrifices but make sure that most of your needs and requirements are fulfilled.


Is the property good enough for living?

Having a look at what the property looks like is very important. Do give it a visit and check these things:

  • All the appliances and their condition
  • The outside space
  • Location
  • Parking area


Appliances and their condition

It is important to check all the equipment especially the electronic appliances in advance.

Are they working properly?

How many electric boards and wall panel socket boards are there in a single room?

Is the washing machine and oven part of the contract?



You need to assess what you are going to pay for.

Some residences are already covered from the company’s end for bills like Gas, Electricity, Internet, Water, TV and TV license.


The Outside Space 

It is better to have extra space with your student house.

Before signing up do checkout the properties to see if there is an extra space with it.

Don’t rely on advertisements and online display pictures of the property. Simply, they can be misleading or even wrong.



The more you are closer to University, the better it is to get a student house.

Not only that but also the neighbourhood and overall location also matters.

A peaceful place with no noisy neighbours, markets nearby and University at a distance of 15 minutes is the ideal location to live in.


Parking Area

If you own a vehicle, caring about its parking is important.

In big cities, it can become a logistical problem.

You will probably need a permit for your parking space. Do sort out all these issues before moving in.


Public Transport

Not every student owns their own vehicle.

Do check the situation of public transport before picking a student house.

Getting quickly to the University and easily back to home should be a top priority.

Also, make sure that you have a direct bus to home and not multiple buses to get back home.


3. Rent Comparison

There are always options to pick from.

Many companies are in the Student Housing business.

While picking a student house do check out the packages of at least two or three companies.


4. Documentation

Laws are different in different countries. For instance, in the UK by law, there are 3 approved government Tenancy Deposit Schemes. 

They are:

For fair management of your deposits, do make sure that your deposits go through one of these schemes or the one in your own country.


5. Insurance

Students are normally tight on budget.

The insurance part is very important to cover.

In case there is a fire or any break-in at your residence and you aren’t covered, you’d be in a worse condition compared to the small cost insurance take.


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