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Some of the best friends you will make in your life will be your housemates. 

But, at times it can be tricky. 

Only the right housemates will be your friends in the long run. 

Of course, there will be sacrifices but they will only workout if they are made from both ends.

Saying that, these are our top ten tips on living with housemates.

1. Clear Communication 

Regardless of how nice you are, it’s important that your likings and dislikings are known to your housemates. 

At times, you may find yourself becoming irritated with your housemates. Perhaps they listen to music too loudly or leave the common room lights on whilst you’re trying to sleep. Or maybe they borrowed some clothes that they haven’t returned.

In such circumstances, make sure that you voice your opinions. Chances are, they don’t know what’s cooking inside your mind.

Simply, it’s always better to communicate these things and be as clear as possible to avoid conflict.

2. Solve Any Problems

It is quite possible that at some point you may get into an argument or tussle with your housemate. When this happens, be sure to solve those issues as quickly as possible.

Doing so will create a better environment for the rest of your housemates; there is nothing worse than being stuck in the middle of two people avoiding each other.

Above all, get rid of negative energy and fix what needs to be fixed immediately.


3. Seek Permission

Your stuff is your property and your housemates’ stuff is theirs.

Whether you have built a strong connection or not, always seek permission before using each other’s stuff. 

This practice of communicating will avoid potential disputes.

4. Be Cautious With Guests

For you it might be the norm to regularly have friends over in your house. 

However, your house mates might not like much activity; different people have different natures. 

For this reason, it’s important you respect the introversy of your housemates, especially if they are not comfortable with people and sounds in the house.

So, invite your friends, but don’t forget you are not the only one living there.

If this is the opposite and your housemates are doing these things, communicate with them about it.

5. You Don’t Have To Be Best Friends

Sometimes, it can be better to not live with your best friend. 

A reason for this is that It will be good for your studies and personal space. 

Simply, friends usually don’t realize that you can be a space seeking person while you are resting at home. 

As a matter of fact, hanging out is a totally different thing; you can be a totally different person while not at home. 

Make sure that if your best friend wants to live with you, you are able to communicate this reason and they will understand you.

6. Live With An Open Mind

Respect all cultures, religions and ideologies. 

In other words, don’t question your housemates on every big and small matter. 

Because, people living in different parts of the world have different cultures and ways of living.

It’s important to understand that constant questions on every matter can disturb them and cause upset. 

In short, by accepting the way they are, you’re also allowing yourself to grow as a person. 

Always keep in mind, the world can’t stay united without tolerance.

7. Terms Can Change

You may have had a talk with your housemates before moving in. But, those terms should not be fixed. 

New challenges will arise with time and you must be flexible on changing your initial terms. 

Simply, make sure that everyone agrees on the new rules and they benefit the whole house.

For example, you may all agree Sundays are “rest days” and no one should blare their music.

8. Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated

Respect is a two way road. 

So, if your housemates are not into pranks and stuff, don’t do it with them – it can backfire very hard and awkwardly. 

Therefore, if you want no trouble in your life, don’t create trouble in other people’s life, it’s simple as that.

9. Exchange Emergency Information

An emergency can happen at any time. 

For example, you might lock yourself outside the house and only your housemate will be able to help you get in.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to share each other’s as well as your emergency contact details with each other. 

10. Respect the Finances

When budgeting for stuff in house, always keep in mind that not all people are the same in terms of finances. 

With this in mind, don’t create expensive menus of food or buy expensive electronic stuff for the house.

Make sure that the budget is in accordance to what everyone’s pocket can afford.


Overall, moving into student accommodation is a nerve-wrecking and exciting time. 

Always remember to respect your housemates and treat them how you want to be treated. 


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