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Exams are stressful. There is no denying there.

But, there are ways to manage those stresses.

Remember that growth is in resistance.

Here, you can take help from the top 5 tips we are going to share in this guide that will better help you cope with exam stress.


1. Speak to someone

Don’t overwhelm yourself.

Instead, if something is bothering you, share it with a loved one.

As a result, doing so will take a lot of stress off your shoulders and mind, if you share your problems with a like-minded person.

In addition, not only will you get help, but also it will assist you to refocus on exams and put in your best efforts.


2. Eat, Sleep and Exercise

Going all in is not a good option in studies.

The all-nighter preparation, added with survival on a poor diet, and minimal movement, will only add fuel to the fire.

Therefore, it is better to take care of your physical and mental health during exams.

So, make sure that you are getting enough hours of sleep. In addition, eat a good diet, drink enough water and give some time to exercise.

Be kind to yourself: understand the difference between humans and a machine. In short, machines can operate on a consistent pace, within their power supply, but you need a recharge more often.

Here, don’t take it as a weakness, but as an opportunity to understand yourself.

In worse cases, overstretching the exam affairs can weaken your preparation muscle. So, prepare wisely.


3. Set Goals and Strategise

A calculated effort will reap the best fruit.

So, no matter how much time you have to prepare, utilise it by putting things into perspective.

In other words, don’t stress yourself with a mindset of: I’m an average or below scoring student.

Instead, look for ways you can score the best out of exams.

Here, set out goals and strategise on how you can score big in each exam. Then, go into preparation with full effort.

At the end, things will work out if you remember: only you know what works the best for you.


4. Your Problems are not Unique

Getting into a panic mode is not right.

It is especially common in University students. So, if you are experiencing panic at any point, make sure that you take a deep breath, drink some water and rethink the problem at hand.

Usually, there is a rational solution to a problem. In fact, 99% of problems are not unique.

However, if something is complicated, break it down to better understand the problem. In short, manage your problems in chunks and solve them one by one.

Even if you can’t find a solution at first glance, there is a possibility you’ll fix it at a different time.

But, the bottom line is, panic will not solve the problem.


5. Believe in Yourself

Success is in believing in yourself. So, be your own number 1 fan and believe in yourself.

Life will constantly throw challenges your way. And, welcome them with an open heart.

Often we forget how far we have come and how much we have achieved.

If you are prepared well, don’t worry about the outcome.

Instead, replace each negative thought with a positive one. And, practice gratitude.

Tell yourself that: I’m prepared well and if the result doesn’t come out according to my will, I will take it as an experience and look for where I lacked. And, I’ll be proud of myself and be happy with how much I have achieved.

Happy exams season: You can do this!


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