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Are you struggling to concentrate when studying?

Don’t worry, it’s easy to fall under the trap of procrastination – we’ve all been there!

But, by creating a successful study routine, you can not only make sure you’re on top of your workload but make it easier to remember all the material too.

Here are 4 effective steps to follow when creating a routine that works for you.


1. Figure Out Your Learning Style

We all have different ways of learning.

And so, by establishing what your learning style is, you can study and learn more efficiently.

The three most common learning styles are: 


You will probably already have an idea of what style best works for you.

But, if you’re not too sure, try all 3 and see which one is the most effective at improving your memory.


2. Set Realistic Goals

By setting clear and realistic study goals can help you feel more motivated to achieve them.

Simply, having a clear objective helps you focus and get you back on track if you fall off. 

In fact, these goals can be small, habit-based goals, such as not looking at your phone during study time or starting an assignment at least 2 weeks before its due date.

Or, you can set grade-based goals, whereby you want to achieve higher grades – for example, a 2:1 degree.

Lastly, goals achieved should be celebrated and rewarded, which will boost your motivation even more – everyone loves a takeaway, so if you achieve a good grade – treat yourself!


3. Make Studying a Daily Habit

In order to make your study routine a successful one, you need to make studying a daily habit.

As such, create study times and stick to it – block time off in your calendar, even if it’s only 30 minute segments.

Remember, to keep this time the same for each day, for example if 6pm works for you – this is the time you’ll want to study the most, but it needs to be one you can stick to.

Furthermore, these allocated times need to be structured well; i.e. study in blocks with regular breaks.


4. Create Your Own Study Space

To get in “the zone”, you need to simply create the zone!

In other words, creating your own study space or having a specific location for your studies, will trigger your brain to concentrate every time you enter that space.

With that in mind, the study space you create must be clean and distraction free.

So, get rid of clutter, such as stacks of paper, stationary and phones – a cluttered desk leads to a cluttered mind.

Furthermore, think back to your learning style when creating your space – if you’re an aural learner, you may want to consider somewhere quieter. 


Closing Remarks 

Even though these steps above seem small and simple, implementing them can positively change your behaviour towards studying. 

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with feeling overwhelmed.

So, think about small changes one at a time and you’ll be well on your way to creating a successful study routine!


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