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Have you ever wondered, “I’ve been revising, but nothing’s sinking in”?

Well, there’s actually a few common mistakes you might be making whilst revising.

Don’t worry, you’ve still got time to correct those, better your revision techniques and ace those exams!

Here are 5 things to avoid when revising.


1. Highlighting The Wrong Things

We all love to highlight information during our revision.

However, it’s important you are only highlighting the information that draws links to each other.

By doing so, it increases the ability to recall something when, at times, our minds go blank!

With that said, avoid highlighting separate bits without thinking how it connects to the first.


2. Only Reading

Don’t worry if you dread revision time – we all do.

So, why should we make it boring by only reading?

As such, when reading through your notes, you should take brief notes to attain the information.

Consequently, reading alone means that it’s less likely you’ll transfer that all-important information into your long-term memory.

Let’s say, you don’t enjoy taking notes either; you could always record yourself reading aloud and then play it back when tidying up – you actually absorb a lot more unconsciously, just by listening!


3. Notes Should Not Be Full Sentences

If you’re reading back on notes that are written in full sentences, you can probably agree – it feels like a chore. 

Not to mention, it’s very time-consuming to be writing notes down in full sentences.

Therefore, by writing shorter and more concise notes, you’ll avoid being overwhelmed with irrelevant information, and focus on the details that actually matter. 


4. Don’t Use Black Ink

Of course, you may prefer writing in black ink – and that’s okay!

But, adding some colour to your notes actually makes them far more interesting to read.

Plus, writing notes in different colours allows different subjects to stand out, and increase the likelihood of remembering them later.

In fact, studies have revealed that you’re more likely to remember information that’s written in blue ink as opposed to black.

So, perhaps it’s time to change the colour of your note-taking pen.


5. Social Media

You’ve probably fallen under the trap of checking social media during your revision.

And, of course, one of the biggest distractions is going on the app to check a quick message, then scrolling and scrolling through your feed – and before you know it, it’s time for bed!

On the other hand, let’s say you’re going through people’s Snapchat stories for example, you may see pictures of revision notes; people portraying themselves as “working hard”.

But, reality is – they’re usually over-compensating for the minimal amount that’s actually being done.

So, during your revision sessions, stay away from social media! 


Final Thoughts

Ultimately, we all have our own way of studying and you need to find an effective way that works for you.

Simply put, different techniques work for different people.

However, by avoiding these mistakes above, you’ll be revising a lot more effectively and feel more productive. 


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