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You probably carried a lot of baggage when you first went to University. 

Don’t worry, this happens with a lot of students. 

Some universities provide a checklist of things to bring with you as a fresher. 

However, once they reach University, they find out that most of the things they brought are not needed at all.

Now that you are going back to University for a new semester, it’s important to understand that a minimalist approach is always better. 

Not only is this economical, but also easy to manage. 

We’ve created a checklist of items that are necessary to carry in your baggage.

  • Identity Cards & Important Documents

This includes your national ID card, driving license and University ID. 

Never leave them at home because you can need them at anytime. 

Remember to bring with you important documents like details of your accommodation and contract, bank account details, your bank card, national insurance documents, and any student discount cards.

  • Electric Necessities 

These are the electric things you need for studies, entertainment and communication.

Such as, your mobile phone and charger, a laptop or tablet, an extension lead, USB harddrives, camera, headphones etc. 

Phones and laptops are the most important ones, don’t forget them at home.

  • Stationary

Some might think stationary can be bought around University. But what if you don’t have enough time to stop and buy it? 

If you are moving in on the last day of your semester break, chances are you will reach your University accommodation with very little or no time to go shopping. (You might need to start cleaning first!)

On top of this, what if your housemates have already arrived and they want to hang out with you? It might be difficult for you to hang out with them once the semester has started.

So, it is always better to carry stationary with you. 

It’s not that heavy and will save a lot of your time.

  • Kitchen Appliances

You cannot survive without food. (Obviously.)

Before you arrive, check you have the right kitchen appliances in your accommodation. If there is anything missing, you can purchase these prior to arrival.

Keep in mind smaller items like cutlery, oven gloves, recipe books, saucepans etc can be packed in your baggage.

  • Bedroom

A good amount of your time will be spent in your bedroom, and you will want it to be as comfortable and cosy as possible. 

Specifically, carry with you important bedroom material like blankets, pillow covers, hangers, ear plugs, duvet and pillows; the list can go on but these are the basic ones. 

You can also take with you a laundry bin, desk lamp and other stuff but they are optional and you may already be left with these in your new room.

  • Clothing

University is a diverse place. 

You will need a wide variety of clothes to carry with yourself. 

To list a few, do bring casual clothes, smartwear (for part time job interviews), outdoor clothes like hats, scarf and gloves, sport/swimwear, shoes, party wear etc. 

You will need these all semester depending on different events throughout the year.


Concluding Remarks

Overall, you want to be comfortable.

Ultimately, bring the items that will make you create a home away from home.

Good luck and enjoy your stay at University to the fullest!


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