Tags – Things Students Look for in an Area to Live in


Location, location, location.

Whether you have just finished your first year of university or are slugging through to your third, where you live and how convenient that place is holds so much importance today.

As the average age of drivers increases and technology continues to advance, there are several key factors to making an area perfect for your student life.


Accessibility to Necessities

Due to the increased costs of learning to drive and all the insurance and taxes that come along with it, the average driver age has slowly been increasing over the years.

With this in mind, living in an area that is close to things like train stations, busses and Taxis (or Ubers for that matter) is of the utmost importance.

Similarly, having access to essentials like groceries, doctors, banks and so on is crucial. As is so often stereotyped that students are hung over and lazy – therefore having to go out your way just to nip to the shop or talk to the bank is really not cool.

It is also far more cost effective to get a five minute Uber back home, than a thirty minute one after a night out.


Entertainment and Shopping

Although hard to admit, having easy access to pubs and clubs and places to go on shopping sprees is probably the most important element of choosing an area to live.

A lot of what makes university fun is the socialising and if you live too far away this soon becomes a nightmare.

Things like themed events, clubs and sports teams will all be gathering in the heart of the city, so bear that in mind when thinking about what area to live in!

The same can be said for shopping, maybe you need some extra books and stationary or to buy a funky outfit for one of the aforementioned themed events. Simply, you cannot beat running to the nearby shop when in a pinch.


Often Overlooked

With all the actual essentials out the way, here are some things that always seem to get overlooked.

Internet access and speeds: watching netflix, playing online games, researching for projects and attending online classes will all require a good internet connection.

If you can find an area with fibre optic and good reviews this will come in handy in the long term and is certainly something you shouldn’t skip over.

Neighbours and noise: this one will vary based on what degree you do and what year you are in but generally speaking when push comes to shove and you have to hit those deadlines, what neighbours you have and how loud they can be vital.

The last thing you want with 12hrs until due-date is a monotonous road or screaming drunks distracting you constantly.


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