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So you’re wanting to spruce up your bedroom a bit?

If so, you’re in the right place, these 2021 design trends are bound to get your creative juices flowing. 


Comfort is Key

The ultimate aim of any bedroom is comfort.

That being said, the same is true of your tracksuit bottoms, and they are hardly a statement piece of your wardrobe! 

The moral of the story?

You need to integrate comfort with bold designs, chic decor and illuminating features to truly make your bedroom stand out. 

Try enhancing soft, comfortable areas by upgrading them with a mixture of textiles.

Mix linen with wool, cashmere with silk, cotton with velvet and you’ll create the ultimate snug bedroom.


Choose Your Colour Palette

Choosing your colour scheme is an essential first step when sprucing up your sleeping quarters.

This year, we predict seeing some super exciting colour trends


White.  Although this colour doesn’t exactly ‘spark joy’ as Marie Kondo would say, 2021 is all about turning over a new leaf and leaving the nightmare that was 2020 behind. Forever. So, it’s time to move on with a fresh canvas to brighten up your day and calm you at night. Of course, accessorise your bedroom with splashes of colour – especially with your choice of bed linens, cushions etc. This is a great way to inject a splash of personality into your bedroom. 


Get Back to Nature

As more and more of us are becoming increasingly eco-conscious, we’re seeing a surge of natural materials.

Most notably, wooden wall slats, rattan furniture, wool throws, and linen cushions – to name a few.

There’s no end to the organic, eco-friendly bedroom decor and furniture you could use to bring your vision to life. 

On top of that, in 2021, we predict the nation’s love of indoor plants to continue – especially, easy-to-care-for succulents, as well as more prominent leafy plants.  


Multi-Functional Spaces

Multi-functional furniture and spaces are the way forward.

Not only are they increasingly popular, but they’re incredibly practical.

They’re a super-easy way of clearing the clutter from your bedroom without having to get rid of any precious belongings. 

It’s no wonder this trend is predicted to skyrocket in 2021.

Although a COVID vaccine seems to be on the horizon, many of us are still working from home and experiencing ‘lockdown life.’

Consequently, now more than ever, our bedrooms are doubling up as offices and gyms, making the need for creative and attractive-looking storage ideas paramount. 

For instance, a storage ottoman that compliments your colour palette could be the perfect place to hide away gym equipment and/or unsightly office supplies. 


Rugs and Hard Flooring 

Interior design experts say that hard flooring will continue to remain fashionable into 2021, which means statement rugs and runners will too.

These are amazing for infusing a splash of colour, style, and comfort into any bedroom.

Consider bold prints for an extra level of pizzazz and contrasting colours to create a beautiful focal point.


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